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Public Hearing Chromium Mitigation Permit (DP 1793)- November 7th @9am

Public Hearing on Chromium Mitigation Permit (DP 1793)

Wednesday November 7th from 9-5pm at Los Alamos Magistrate Court (2500 Trinity Drive, Los Alamos)

Come Join Us and Give a Public Comment!

See below for talking points and other fact sheets to download. 

Written Comments: While giving a public comment at the hearing is the best way to comment, a written comment can also be sent via email to: John Verheal at: , Steve Pullen at: steve.pullen@state.nm.usand Pam Castaneda at:

Comments can also be submitted via US mail to: Pam Castaneda, Administrator to Boards and Commissions, P.O. Box 5469, Santa Fe, NM 87502

Issue specific sample comments can be downloaded here: Bioremediation,  Precautionary Principle,   Clean Up Levels, and Multiple Issues

Or click here for a prepared email comment.

Background:  From 1956 to 1972, Los Alamos National Laboratory, (LANL), routinely dumped water from cooling towers into the headwaters of Sandia Canyon, which flows to the Rio Grande. Because the water was first pumped through the pipes of an old power plant, it was contaminated by significant amounts of hexavalent chromium, a highly toxic chemical which is added to alloy steel to prevent corrosion.

In 2015, the New Mexico Environment Department issued a permit allowing Los Alamos National Laboratory to discharge up to 350,000 gallons a day of treated water associated with pumping tests, well development and groundwater remediation.

Expressing concerns that discharging the treated water could end up pushing the chromium plume closer to drinking water wells, Communities for Clean Water, a coalition of environmental groups, repeatedly sought a public hearing and the New Mexico Environment Department repeatedly denied those requests for a public hearing. With representation from the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, the Communities for Clean Water coalition took the matter to the Courts. In December of 2017, the state Court of Appeal sided with Communities for Clean Water, finding that the New Mexico Environment Department should not have denied requests for a hearing. The Environment Department has now been forced to hold a public hearing.


Factsheet Chromium Plume

DP 1793

CCW’s NOI DP-1793

Hearing Details

Public Hearing on Chromium Mitigation Permit (DP1793)

Date: November 7th, 2018

Location: Los Alamos Magistrate Court (2500 Trinity Drive, Los Alamos)

Time: 9am – 5pm

October 28th – The Heart of the Community Speaks Workshop

This Sunday, October 28, we are holding the final event in our Protecting the Most Vulnerable series: “The Heart of the Community Speaks.” This free workshop will help you understand how you can participate in the Nov 7 Public Hearing on the Chromium Plume, to be held in Los Alamos.

During this workshop we will:

  • Provide an overview of policy-change basics
  • Review information regarding the Chromium Plume
  • Discuss the Public Hearing Process
  • Provide information on ways you can have your voice heard including Speaking Points and “Take Action” Tools

Lunch will be provided. Let us know if you need assistance paying for gasoline in order to attend. Stipends to purchase gas are available.

When: Sunday, Oct 28, 10 am – 3:00 pm
Where: Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Center,
848 State Road 68 in Alcalde


Supporting Documents:

 Non-technical Talking Points – v 10 25 18

Factsheet Chromium Plume

DP 1793 Permit

October 21, 2018 – Precautionary Principle Workshop


Join us for a hands-on workshop exploring the “Precautionary Principle”
a guide to preventing harm and protecting our communities

When: Sunday, October 21
10:00 am to 3:00 pm – Lunch will be provided

Location: Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Center,
848 State Road 68 in Alcalde

Are you concerned about the safety of your drinking water?

Do you feel that you have a sacred responsibility to protect water, land and future generations?

Do you want to learn more about the chromium plume found in the aquifer resulting from discharge from the Los Alamos National Lab?

Do you want to find new ways to use your voice to help the state make wise decisions about the permit being given to clean up the groundwater at Los Alamos?

If you answered yes to these questions, join us for a hands-on workshop exploring how to use an idea called the “Precautionary Principle,” which is a guide to preventing harm and protecting our communities.

Let us know if you need assistance paying for gasoline in order to attend. Stipends to purchase gas are available.

Click here to sign up for the workshop

Gathering for Mother Earth – 2015 – Saturday, September 26th

Tewa Women United, a CCW member organization, is hosting its 19th annual Gathering for Mother Earth.

Open to all ages and cultures, this yearly gathering is a weekend-long event that was created to celebrate cultural ways of sharing love and gratitude for our Earth Mother. To show love for her will heal our hearts of grief and overwhelming sense of loss we feel as violent pressure numbs us to the harming of water’s love for us all. It is time to unite for eco-systemic revival. Awaken PEACE in us all and stop violent use of Mother Earth’s inner energy of reciprocal existence. Violent extraction of decaying matter, to disrupt its thousands of years of change and open its nuclear hearth of love/energy to become tools of mass destruction is death of us all. We need to encourage all cultures, all ages, schools, communities and families to bring inter-generational thinking to holistic ways of active healing.

For more information about the 2015 Gathering for Mother Earth, including registration information, please visit Tewa Women United’s page.

Gather for Mother Earth 2015

CCW core member, Joan Brown, honored at the White House

Joan Brown, a Franciscan sister and executive director of New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light, was honored last Monday for her role with Interfaith Power and Light, a national group spearheading the faith response to climate change. Read the full story at the Albuquerque Journal here.

Image: Sister Joan Brown, second from left with fellow honorees, Patrick Carolan, Odile Coirier,  and Sister Marie Lucey – photo courtesy of Stratford Star.

NM Supreme Court to Review Copper Rule!

From Amigos Bravos, a CCW member organization. Image: Santa Rita copper mine, outside of Silver City, NM – courtesy of Mzuriana

SANTA FE, NM- The New Mexico Supreme Court has granted the petition filed by our legal council, the New Mexico Environmental Law Center (NMELC), requesting review of the Copper Rule. The Copper Rule regulates discharges from copper mines in New Mexico. The Supreme Court order, dated June 13th, states that it will review all the issues raised in the petition.

“We are gratified that the State Supreme Court will review the challenges to the Copper Rule,” says Douglas Meiklejohn, NMELC Executive Director. “This is a very important issue for New Mexico because of our reliance on ground water, and allowing an entire industry such as the copper mining industry to pollute ground water makes no sense. Our clients are not trying to stop copper mining; they are trying to ensure that copper mining does not pollute ground water.”

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