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Gathering for Mother Earth – 2015 – Saturday, September 26th

Tewa Women United, a CCW member organization, is hosting its 19th annual Gathering for Mother Earth.

Open to all ages and cultures, this yearly gathering is a weekend-long event that was created to celebrate cultural ways of sharing love and gratitude for our Earth Mother. To show love for her will heal our hearts of grief and overwhelming sense of loss we feel as violent pressure numbs us to the harming of water’s love for us all. It is time to unite for eco-systemic revival. Awaken PEACE in us all and stop violent use of Mother Earth’s inner energy of reciprocal existence. Violent extraction of decaying matter, to disrupt its thousands of years of change and open its nuclear hearth of love/energy to become tools of mass destruction is death of us all. We need to encourage all cultures, all ages, schools, communities and families to bring inter-generational thinking to holistic ways of active healing.

For more information about the 2015 Gathering for Mother Earth, including registration information, please visit Tewa Women United’s page.

Gather for Mother Earth 2015